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Since 2013 We have been offering various products that can be customized with logos or artwork. It’s Easy Process.

Customized orders are delivered within four weeks all over the world! Made with love by Home of Ball. Rush orders are welcome!

Lacrosse Ball

  • 60 Balls Each: 6.00 USD

  • 120 Balls Each: 5.75 USD

  • 300 Balls Each: 5.35 USD

Juggling Ball

  • 50 Balls Each: 4.25 USD

  • 100 Balls Each: 4.00 USD

Hand Sack

  • 50 Hand Sack Each: 4.00 USD

  • 100 Hand Sack Each: 3.50 USD


  • 50 Footbags Each: 4.00 USD

Free Shipping for USA, CANADA, UK, and Europe.

A ball mockup will be designed according to your logo or image and color without any design fee. We offer physical samples free of cost, but customers need to pay 25 USD for shipping. Mass production begins once you approve the design and deposit a minimum 50% payment.

Ready to produce your favorite product with us? Please fill out the form below or contact us!