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Set of Busker Juggling Balls

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  • Made for beginners and professionals
  • Best juggling ball in the market
  • Charming color combinations
  • Waterproof so can be played in swimming pools
  • Very Durable and Washing friendly
  • Recommend age: 5 and UP

About this item  

  • Looking for easy-to-use decorative juggling balls.
  • You get all nine Juggling Balls in a handy carry bag during this special offer.
  • Ideal for beginners and advanced juggling routines.
  • So tough you can even stand on them.
  • No problem if they get wet; when you are done, leave them in the sun to dry.
    These land and settle in one spot so well you can eventually catch them like a footbag.
  • Land one on your knee, elbow, or back of your neck, then flicking them back into the air will impress your friends for sure.


  • Ball 6 Panel Size: 65mm
  • Ball 6 Panel Weight: 90 gram plastic-filled