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Single HoP Contact Juggling Ball - 4 Inch 100mm

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These professional juggling balls are a must for precision throw and catch.
These are our proudly HoP branded Juggle Balls.
They are precision manufactured in bulk to our specifications using the latest rotational molding technology.
We can pass on cost savings directly to our retail and wholesale customers.


  • Ideal as contact juggling balls for beginners.
  • Remains rounder when stored against other objects.
  • No internal cracking and drill friendly, so will not tear when holes are drilled into the ball when attaching Poi cords.
  • Best Juggling balls have an even wall thickness for balanced Contact Juggling moves.
  • Precision molded with a high gloss outer in vibrant colors.
  • The ball is easy to clean, with warm soapy water.

About this item  

  • The HoP performance juggling ball is slightly firmer than MB stage juggling balls for several added benefits.
  • Ideal for precision Ball Juggling, Contact Juggling, and Poi applications.
  • Orange, Purple, and Green will react under a UV Blacklight.


  • 4inch 100mm diameter PVC juggling ball
  • 190gm
  • Latex-free, no latex is used to create these juggling balls.